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  • Jamie Russo

    Jamie Russo

    Unconventional wisdom for aspiring creatives. Subscribe:

  • Timothy Robards

    Timothy Robards

    Web Developer & tech writer. Join my newsletter to stay up to date with web dev! 🎉

  • Veronica Cámara

    Veronica Cámara

    Content strategist & UX writer. 🏳️‍🌈

  • Riccardo Canella

    Riccardo Canella

    Riccardo Canella @ricanella92 Love #basket, #bike and #HIMYM since my childhood. #Fullstack #Javascript addicted -

  • Aahel Iyer

    Aahel Iyer

    Product designer at Lyft with a passion for helping build socially good products while slurping Harmless Harvest coconut water🌴🥥

  • Iván Soria

    Iván Soria

    Say my name, say my name. If no one is around you, say HEISENBERG. You’re goddamn right.

  • Roman Hossain Shaon

    Roman Hossain Shaon

    Font End Developer

  • Sarah Ventura B.

    Sarah Ventura B.

    Ergonomist and designer focused in user research, UX, service design, usability and human centered design methodologies.

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